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Strozzapreti or strangolapreti are particularly type of pasta widely used throughout Italy, which, depending on the region, can take very different look. This dish is typical of the Romagna cuisine.

The name Strozzapreti, according to popular sayings and legends, derives from the similarity that the long format pasta would with shoelaces that once anarchists used it to strangle the priests. According to another version instead, reference was made to gnocchi (also called strangolapreti), they would have to stifle the priests who with greedy voracity they ate in abundance, given their propensity to be very well at the table.

Although Strozzapreti or strangolapreti, are cooked in various ways, they are their exaltation with sauces based on seafood or meat sauce.

Bronze-drawn pasta, Slow Drying

Packaging 500g (1,1 lb)

cooking time 8/10 minstrozzapreti

Durum wheat semolina 100% Sardinian, water.

Nutritional average value (for 100 g of product):
Energy value: 357 Kcal / 1512 Kj
Fat: 1,4 g
Carbohydrate: 72 g
Protein: 12,5 g
Fibre: 3 g
Sodium: 0,003 g