In 1963 In Cagliari, Sardinia, grew up an small artisan pasta maker that, with the experience and passion of the Pasta Master Francesco, has been able to lead to success the traditional Sardinian and Italian pasta.

Today in the new plant in Settimo San Pietro – Cagliari, with new production lines and its experience of 50 years we keep making the history of Italian and traditional Sardinian pasta in the world.

We are experts in the production of bronze-drawn pasta, that makes the pasta surface porous and rough, allowing to better capture the sauce; this process, keeping low temperatures, ensures the final quality of the product as it preserves the organoleptic properties of the raw material.

We have a growing and innovative range of products that combines the precious tradition of old family recipes with the most modern production techniques.

Thanks to a great passion and love for our land, our products are carried out in compliance with the traditional character, authenticity and quality: the result is an high quality selected bronze-drawn pasta which contains only the best of wheat mixtures from Sardinia, ensuring the taste and flavor that make the Italian cuisine unique and special all over the world.